is an artist from Singapura. 

Ooh yeah this Lis Tamara girl is cool. Aries Sun Scorpio Moon.  Every ounce of her soul is sensitive and passionate. You can ask her about her tiny book of irrational and imaginative fears, she would make your day. A lot of people seem to believe they can read her, joke's on them. Her paintings are the loud conversations she has with her mind. She gets really confused when people ask her what her methodologies are; must she have one? She likes to paint barefoot while singing. Does that count? It is quite odd but she paints intuitively, allowing her hands to guide her brushes to dance and boogie on her canvases. "Oh God, my soul is very demanding." - Lis Tamara 



Belinda Wong

Nur Hanis

Tarissa Carmelia

Oscar Sanchez



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